AUSTRIA CONNECT North America – A Resounding Success

The most important Austrian business event of 2015 for executives of Austrian subsidiaries in the U.S. and Canada took place in Chicago

The 8th AUSTRIA CONNECT conference, a forum to exchange ideas and experiences between Austrian subsidiaries in the U.S. and their partners was organized in Chicago by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA – the Austrian Trade Commissions in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto; for the second year in a row, the event was expanded to include Canada.

A group of renowned financial, legal, economic experts and consultants gave presentations to an audience of some 100 top-level Austrian executives and important decision makers from a variety of industries.

Some 650 Austrian firms have subsidiaries in the United States and employ roughly 35,000 people. The United States continue to reflect the greatest potential for growth for Austrian companies.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago generously hosted the conference and numerous sponsors supported the event.