Peacekeeping Operations

Austrian Peacekeepers  Picture: Armed Force

Austrian Peacekeepers Picture: Armed Force

By participating in peacekeeping operations, Austria provides an essential and visible contribution to the United Nations’ efforts to maintain peace and international security. Since 1960, more than 90,000 Austrian soldiers and civilian helpers served in over 50 international peace support and humanitarian missions. Several Austrians were appointed commanders of peacekeeping operations by the UN Secretary-General.

Austria fully supports the efforts by the UN to efficiently plan peacekeeping operations and to swiftly respond to crisis by way of rapid deployment. The protection of the civilian population in conflict areas, especially women and children, is a particular Austrian concern.

In 1997, the Federal Constitutional Act on Cooperation and Solidarity in Deploying Units and Individuals Abroad was adopted, providing the adapted constitutional basis for the participation of Austrians in UN operations.

The Austrian Federal Government commits to an active participation in foreign deployments. This commitment forms part of the Austrian Security Strategy adopted in 2013.

Current foreign deployments of Austrian’s Armed