Freud Foundation U.S. Elects Dominic Freud as Chairman

Text: Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna, Photo: Neline Heindl-Koornneef

The Freud Foundation US, a New York-based foundation to promote Sigmund Freud and his work in the USA and to generate support for the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, elected Dominic Freud as its chairman at its recent board meeting held in New York.

Photo: Neline Heindl-Koornneef

Photo: Neline Heindl-Koornneef

Dominic Freud is Managing Partner at FPIA Partners LLC, a New York based company focused on executive search in the international equity field, and Chief Strategic Officer of Pearl Brook Capital Management. Originally from London, UK, Mr. Freud is the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud and the son of the late Sir Clement Freud.

The Board of Directors of the Freud Foundation U.S. is pleased to announce the election of further new officers:

Petra Vospernik has been elected president, Jeanne Wolff Bernstein vice president and Peter Noemaier secretary. Marjorie Federbush and Stephen Harnik have been reelected as vice president and treasurer, respectively, of the Foundation.

Originally from Vienna, Austria, Dr. Petra Vospernik is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Vienna Praxis, a private psychotherapy practice located in the West Village in Manhattan. She holds an adjunct faculty position in the Masters Program for Mental Health Counseling at City University, New York.
Jeanne Wolff Bernstein is the chairwoman of the Sigmund Freud Foundation, Vienna’s advisory board. She is the past president, and supervising and personal analyst at PINC. She is on the faculty at PINC and at The Sigmund Freud Privatuniversitaet, Vienna, Paris and NYU Post-Doctoral Program for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. She is the co-chair of the Fachspezifikum of Psychoanalysis at SFU, Vienna.
Peter Noemaier is the vice-chairman of the board of the Sigmund Freud Foundation, Vienna, and the Commercial Director of the Sigmund Freud Museum. Graduation from Vienna University in Communication Science/Political Science, Master of Arts in Business (Executive Management) at University of Applied Sciences Vienna (FH Wien).

Freud Foundation US
The key objective of the Freud Foundation US, which was founded in New York in 2006, is to inform the public about the life, work and era of Sigmund Freud and about the effects of this life and work on society, art and culture. The Foundation’s activities include conferences, exhibitions, symposiums and studies promoting the international transfer of knowledge pertaining to psychoanalysis. Fundraising is an expressly stated mission of the Foundation, and one of its primary objectives is to financially assist organizations in the USA, Austria and other countries whose work involves Sigmund Freud and the impact of psychoanalysis on contemporary civilization.
Board of Directors
Chairman: Dominic Freud
President: Petra Vospernik
Vice President and Treasurer: Stephen Harnik
Vice President: Marjorie Federbush
Vice President: Jeanne Wolff Bernstein
Secretary: Peter Noemaier
Gregor Medinger
Franz Jurkowitsch
Emil Mezgolits
Don Wallace