Advantage Austria Awards USABIZ Award 2016

EV Group, SKidata and Steyr Motors are the Winners of the USABIZ AWARD 2016 for top accomplishments on the U.S. market.

Photo:  Advantage Austria

Photo: Advantage Austria

The award highlights the often unknown accomplishments of Austrian businesses in the U.S. market. The 2016 winners are: (1) Steyr Motors GmbH for securing a contract with the U.S. Navy to equip a fleet of 400 patrol boats with Diesel engines, (2) EV Group, the technology and market leader for precision machinery, silicon wafers and other substrates of the semiconductor industry many renowned smart phone modules are produced on EVG machinery), and (3) Skidata AG, the market leader for entry systems in the United States, ranging from parking lots and airports to ski lift.

To learn more about the BizAward and the awarded companies, visit Advantage Austria