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UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School celebrates 10,000th Student

The University of New Orleans International Summer School in Innsbruck, Austria, celebrated the 10,000th student participating in the program this year. The summer school, one of the largest of its kind in the United States, brings some 300 faculty and students from various U.S. universities to the heart of the Alps each summer and is currently in its 42nd year.

International Summer School Grand Opening Ceremony.
Photo: Christian Wucherer

On the occasion of the grand opening in Innsbruck, University of New Orleans President John Nicklow remarked: “In my view education is not merely restricted to the accumulation of knowledge or the development of critical thinking skills. Those are certainly important. But I believe that education encompasses intellectual growth as well as emotional and social growth. International education is uniquely positioned to spur growth in all of these areas. The opportunities to gain new perspectives and provoke different ways of thinking are nearly limitless.”

The opening was attended by university leaders from both New Orleans and Innsbruck and elected officials from the city of Innsbruck and the federal state of Tirol.