#Armistice100: A Thunderous Applause for Silent Night

It was a Christmas miracle. In December of 1914, instead of fighting, French, German and Scottish soldiers exchanged seasonal greetings along the Western Front of World War I. Until this very day, these unofficial ceasefires are known as the Christmas truce, inspiring composer Kevin Puts and librettist Mark Campbell to write the multilingual opera “Silent Night”.

Ambassador Bows.jpg

Thus, at Washington National Opera’s performance of “Silent Night” on November 17, 2018, representatives from twelve countries - which were dug into opposing trenches during World War I - joined performers and artists on stage of the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater at curtain call for a moment of unity and peace.

Economic Counselor Alexander Ehrlich-Adam (pictured second from the left) represented Austria on this evening commemorating the centennial of the end of WWI.

Photo by Yassine El Mansouri