"Autopilot Living" from Austria

A Loxone smart model home. Photo credit: Loxone

A Loxone smart model home.
Photo credit: Loxone

Loxone, a leader in home automation, makes "autopilot living" a reality. The company, based in the small town of Kollerschlag in Upper Austria, provides over 150 integrated products to build a smart home from start to finish. Its founders, Martin Öller and Thomas Moder have been building the company from a small three man - team in 2009 to a company with 260 employees today. 

Loxone has been increasing its global reach and its exports and is particularly invested in the United States, where the company has just constructed a new 7,500 square-foot U.S. headquarter in Media, a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. In Media, the company has also built a new "360 Degree Smart Home" to showcase what it calls "autopilot living." The system includes some 160 individual devices dealing with everything from climate control to security, blinds, music and energy management, as well as access systems or pool upkeep - components that become intelligently automated and thereby saving a person some 50,000 tasks.

In addition to its latest showcase in Media, PA, Loxone has already completed smart homes across the continent. To see more examples, please visit https://www.loxone.com/enus .

Video: "Welcome to Autopilot Living:"