In Shifra's Arms Gala Dinner

On Saturday, February 9, 2019, the Austrian Embassy hosted prominent members of Jewish communities from the East and West Coast for the annual fundraising gala dinner of In Shifra’s Arms, the nation’s only Jewish non-profit organization for pregnant women in need.

The host of the evening, Minister Thorsten Eisingerich, set the scene by highlighting the pro-Jewish and pro-Israel measures taken by Austria over the last decades, before syndicated columnist and author Mona Charen’s life and work were honored with the organization’s 2019 Mother of Valor distinction. The proceeds of the gala were instantly converted into concrete help for expecting mothers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, highlighting the operational character of the organization.

Minister Thorsten Eisingerich (left) with  In Shifra’s Arms  dignitaries

Minister Thorsten Eisingerich (left) with In Shifra’s Arms dignitaries

Thorsten and Kulwadee Eisingerich

Thorsten and Kulwadee Eisingerich