Education is an essential success factor for the social and economic future of a country. The Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture has competence for the entire educational system of general and vocational schools, from compulsory schooling until completion of secondary level 2 and for all University Colleges of Teacher Education (Pädagogische Hochschulen) in Austria. Adult education and life-long learning are also parts of its responsibilities.

The Republic of Austria enjoys a free and public school system. Nine years of education are mandatory. Schools offer a series of vocational-technical and university tracks that involve one to four additional years of education beyond the minimum mandatory level. The legal basis for primary and secondary education in Austria is the School Act of 1962.

The Federal Ministry of Education is responsible for funding and supervising primary, secondary, and, as of 2000, tertiary education. Primary and secondary education is administered on the state level by the authorities of the respective states. Federal legislation has played a prominent role in the education system, and laws dealing with education de facto have constitutional status because, just like the Austrian constitution, they can only be passed or amended by a two-thirds majority in parliament.

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